Objectives of the Projects

The main objective of this proposal is:
To establish a Multi Criteria Decision Support System(MCDSS) linked to a Geographic Information System(GIS) platform for wind farm site selection and cost effective of wind energy production industry in Egypt.
Because, there is no definite mechanism or process in Egypt for wind energy farm decision making that consider all sets of conflicts to optimize the site suitability, this project will present the answer to the most difficult questions in wind energy industry: how suitable is the site of a wind farm?, what type of wind energy technology is appropriate?, and how much energy can be produced for optimal investment in the wind energy farm?. For this purpose, all the projects activities will be directed to:

i) Identifying the key factor barriers of wind energy farms development in Egypt.
ii) Introducing a mechanism of screening, ranking and prioritizing potential wind energy
farm sites in the country.
iii) Establishing an MCDSS-GIS platform to act as “Atlas Egypt for Wind Farm Siting”
that can cover the country with enough information at high resolution to help and support
the private investors and power utility to select the most suitable areas for wind energy
plants in the country based on:
a- Wind energy potential ideally available in the country.
b- Effective wind energy potential limited by the environmental fitness and the site characteristics.
c- The technological potential of wind energy systems.
d- The economical potential of the final energy product from the wind energy farm.
This will help the Egyptian energy sector, the private investors, and environmental groups to collaborate well towards achieving the wind energy strategy of the ESEC and hence booming the development in the country